Our company is specialized in the field  of air conditioning and refrigeration part and equipment. Its main business is to supply the Syrian market with commercial and industrials refrigeration equipments, which is used in cold and freezer room for storing fruit, vegetable, meat, chicken … etc. Also we act as a wholesaler as we supply small trader, small air conditioning and refrigeration factory with all their requirements such as copper, filter, control, compressors …etc. Al Atassi for Trading and Manufacturing Air Conditioning & Refrigerating Ltd. relied since it has started in 1995 on the quality as first. And terminal principle where quality is not just a feature of our distributed products and presented services but also a firm method to our company activities and it forms with the customer's satisfaction the axle that rotate round it all our business . Our company has put a lot of efforts and hard work to insure that the quality and services provided by us meet the customer’s satisfaction. We believe that each customer is a unique case and every project we undertake is tailored to meet every requirement   Accordingly, our goal is to reach the highest expectation of our customer based on quality, understanding and reliability. We believe that these underlying principals are the most important tools to meet customer’s demand, while the same mentioned principals have made us one of the most successful organizations in our field in Syria.   Product we present or distribute: