1-  COIL Factory:

Our factory was established on 1995 and its main target was to supply the market with coil heat Exchanger , up to 2003 we were making coil for OEM manufacturer in Syria such as Air-condition  ,Bus air-condition ,air-Handling Manufacture  …etc . On 2003 we started in the production finished product and on 2008 we got ISO 9001 for the fallowing production

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2-  Sandwich panel factory:

Alatassi produces all kind of sandwich panel which are used in cold rooms, walls for hanger or any partition, hangar roof. All panels are made from prepainted galvanized steel and polyurethane density 40-42kg/m3.thicknes of steel can be 0.4mm, 0.5mm, or 0.6mm depend on customer requirement.  

 - Cold room panel and we have two system

                 -male female with 2 cm depth

                 -Cam lock system In both systems

            we have thickness 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 14cm, and 20cm  

- Wall panel

Wall panel are assembled together as male and female system and available in 4cm, 5cm, and 6cm thickness.  

- Roof panel

Roof panel are made from in two thickness 4cm x 7.2cm and 6cm x 9.2cm .

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3- Doors for cold rooms :

 Hinged door

  • AHC doors (chiller application doors)

  • AHF doors (Freezer application doors)

Standard sizes:

 90cm X 190cm  - 100cm X 200cm  - 110cm X 200cm - 110cm X 210cm - 120cm X 220cm

 Other sizes available up on request.

Sliding doors

  • ASC doors (chiller application doors)

  • ASF doors (Freezer application doors)

Standard sizes:

160cm X 180cm - 160cm X 200cm - 180cm X 200cm - 180cm X 220cm - 220cm X 220cm -               220cm X 240cm

Other sizes available up on request.

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4- Dry and Refrigerated transportation Box :

We started the production of boxes on 2003 in all types and sizes and we use Carrier Transicold as refrigerating unit.

Our production is divided in two sectors:

  • Finished and installed boxes for the Syrian market starting from 2 meter length and up to 7.5 meter length. We produce all types of boxes such as

    • Refrigerated boxes

    • Freezer boxes

    • Dry boxes (non refrigerated boxes)

    • Beverage delivery boxes such as Pepsi or and many other brands

    • Insulated Vans.

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  • Semi Finished boxes ( Kit) ready to be installed .this type of product is mainly for export . We should have link to pictures catalogue  

5- Prefabricated caravan:

 Prefabricated caravan are made with the latest technologies and has been tested under extreme condition all over the Middle East.

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